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 Information contained on this site is compiled from

  • Original documents from the Apollo Prayer League archives

  • Recorded personal interviews and literally hundreds of email exchanges with APL Director Reverend John Stout and Apollo 14 Lunar Module Pilot Edgar Mitchell 2005-2015.
  • Correspondence with Apollo 12 Lunar Module Pilot Alan Bean and Apollo 13 Commander Jim Lovell.

  • Pastors and parishioners from Nassau Bay Baptist Church and Clear Lake Presbyterian Church, Houston , TX.

  • Space collectors, Apollo astronauts, their administrators and associates, and NASA employees and family members with first-hand knowledge of the Apollo Prayer League and the journey of the First Lunar Bibles.

  • Records from the Smithsonian Air & Space museum, NASA news archives, and historical newspaper archives.

  • Material from the Apollo Prayer League archives, Apollo missions, and the lunar Bibles were gathered with written permission from Rev. John Stout and Apollo 14 Edgar Mitchell.

Book, Apostles of Apollo, by Carol Mersch

For detail behind the story of the First Lunar Bibles, read The Apostles of Apollo: The Journey of the Bible to the Moon and the Untold Stories of America's Race into Space (2010) www.apostlesofapollo.com. Available at Amazon.com 


"The story is so beautiful…I really want to see someone to do a film adaptation. I guess it would be as successful as the Ron Howard’s Apollo 13.”

Book Review: A Book of Untold Stories
“The Lunar bible – A beautiful adventure”
February 8, 2012


Carol Mersch is an Oklahoma author specializing in creative non-fiction.  Her longtime friendship with Apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell and close relationship with Rev. John Stout, the two individuals responsible for landing the Bible on the moon, afforded her unfettered access to details of the story. Her book The Apostles of Apollo: The Journey of the Bible to the Moon (2010) chronicles the efforts of Apollo astronauts and 40,000-member the Apollo Prayer League to land a Bible on the moon.  In 2012 she compiled The Space Less Traveled in conjunction with Mitchell and a YouTube talk by Mitchell Reflections of the Moon.  In 2013 she authored an academic document for the Routledge Taylor & Frances Group, Religion, Space Exploration, and Secular Society, and is a contributor to an upcoming documentary on faith in space, The Space Between.  She is co-compiler of The Seamless Bible (2004), a chronological version of the New Testament.  She is a licensed appraiser of collectibles and an acknowledged expert on the Lunar Bibles.  In October 2014 she was assigned all rights to the Apollo Prayer League.

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